Fun fact!

I wanted to originally see if we could put solar panels on the roof of the truck to see if they could power the few pieces of equipment on the truck, but the roof was not big enough.


Maybe ten years later, it’s possible.

How the truck was purchased!

I took a lunch break from my job back in 2010 and went to FedEx in Fremont to use their internet.  And purchased the truck on Ebay from the Oakland post office.  


The truck was driven up here via long haul.  I picked it up in a large parking lot off Marginal Way. It was February at 5 pm, pitch dark, pouring down rain, in a giant parking lot, and I couldn’t figure out how to move the seat forward. That was very intense.


I don’t recommend picking up a new vehicle in the evening.  I drove it down the road to emissions so I could get the tabs and license plate soon after.  

Street Treats was founded in the Summer of 2010 by Diane.
It’s the original dessert food truck in Seattle.​

We make our premium ice cream from scratch and only using the highest quality ingredients: milk, cream, eggs, and sugar. We also bake all of our cookies and treats from scratch.

You can taste the difference.

Our most popular ice cream sandwich flavor is chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream. Our customers also love funfetti. It's delightful and colorful.

Street Treats can make any ice cream flavor you want!

We even make dairy free, and vegan seasonal sorbets.

Some of our biggest events have over 1,600 guests and we baked a huge batch of cookies.

We did it all by hand! Phew!

Street Treats is WBENC

Our Values

At Street Treats we attribute success to applying the following values:

  • Our customers believe in our products and bringing fun to their events.

  • Ensuring consistency in preparation, style, and delivery.

  • Working together to support the success of our team.

  • Respecting diverse backgrounds and points of view.

  • Giving back to the community through our donations.


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