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The Original Dessert Food Truck in Seattle!

Who is the Woman behind the

Street Treats Truck?

My name is Diane Skwiercz and ever since I was little, I’ve enjoyed sweets. 

I grew up in the Seattle area and have eaten my fair share of sweets locally and around the globe. I fondly remember eating pan dulce and Entemanns donuts at my grandparents house in LA and my other grandpa sending us an Easter cake, and kieflies from South Bend. One of my favorite guilty pleasures was going to Dairy Queen with my family and eating the Peanut Buster Parfait! 
I have a sweet tooth and I want to share it with you! Over the years I have made it my mission to create classic and fun flavors using local quality ingredients. You can experience our Street Treats ice cream and ice cream sandwiches from our food truck at a corporate or private event in the Seattle area.  Or you can purchase our cookies, and cookie bars in your local stores and coffee shops.  Our other brand, Olivia’s ice cream cookie bites, can be found at:  QFC, Met Market, Town & Country, Central Coop and more!

Seattle Catering 

Looking for catering for your next corporate or private event?
Book the best in Seattle dessert catering!

Want your guests to have a memorable and fun event? Book the Street Treats truck or cart! Choose custom ice cream sandwiches, sundaes, or scoops!


We even do non-ice cream events, just ask us! Request quote for catering for the Seattle area!

What is the story behind the Street Treats Truck?

How we got our sweet ice cream truck!

Street Treats was founded in the Summer of 2010 by Diane Skwiercz and is a certified Women Owned Business by WBENC.

Being one of the first food trucks in Seattle, Diane Skwiercz partnered with other food trucks to change legislation to create more opportunities for food trucks in the City of Seattle.

We specialize in catering events and parties and participated in over 800 in the Seattle area!  Our customers are corporate, wedding, and other special occasions.

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Olivias Ice Cream Cookie Bites (TM)

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With the success of the ice cream sandwiches, Street Treats decided to launch another brand called Olivia’s ice cream cookie bites. Which are 8 snack sized ice cream sandwiches in a pint container. 


These are carried at local grocery stores and became popular in 2020 when customers were looking for bite sized treats. 

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Quality Locally Sourced Ingredients

We specialize in custom ice cream sandwiches. We take pride in our craft and make everything from scratch. Made with locally sourced milk and cream, egg yolks, and cane sugar.

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Order Pick Up!

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Street Treat's 

Cookies and 

Cookie Bars

Since we made cookies and cookie bars, we decided we could offer wholesale products to area coffee shops and local entertainment venues. Our first customer was and still is Anchored Ship coffee bar in Ballard.


Our cookie bars turned out to be the top sellers. We offer some of the traditional items such as a brownie and lemon bar. But carry a coconut topped brownie, peanut butter and jelly, brookie, Carmelita, and many others but our salted brown butter rice crispy is the fan favorite!


During Covid, we worked on packaging some of our bars to launch in grocery stores. After touring grocery stores for a few days, we have to say our labels and packaging look bold and bright and eye catching. Hands down one of the best!

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Our Kitchen

We make our premium ice cream from scratch and only use the highest quality ingredients: milk, cream, egg yolks, sugar, and a pinch of corn starch. We also bake all of our cookies and treats from scratch.

You can taste the difference!

We even make dairy free and vegan options. And our ice cream is gluten free; except for mix ins like cookie dough and cookies and cream, etc.

Some of our biggest events have had over 1,600 guests and we baked a huge batch of cookies. We scooped it all by hand! Phew!

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Street Treat's is certified by the 

Women's Business Enterprise

National Council

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Our Values

At Street Treats we attribute success to applying the following values:

  • Our customers believe in our products and bringing fun to their events.

  • Ensuring consistency in preparation, style, and delivery.

  • Working together to support the success of our team.

  • Respecting diverse backgrounds and points of view.

  • Giving back to the community through our donations.